Our Impact In The Community

See what One World is currently doing to educate students and their community about STEAM in Northern Virginia. Here you will find our camps,  fundraising initiatives, and other events we participate in.


A STEAM education provides students with a more well rounded knowledge base. A recent study funded by the National Endowment for the Arts found that an appreciation for the arts and science coming from a STEAM education approach actually translated into a more accurate pathway to college.  STEAM learning should not be overlooked by STEM and should be implemented in all classrooms around the globe.


Summer STEAM Experience



It is imperative that we address STEM exposure at the elementary level in order to inspire students to continue in STEAM for their future careers. This experience provides 4th and 5th graders with an engaging environment where they are exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math principles. The camp’s objective is to inspire students to consider future careers and learning opportunities in STEAM. One World will raise the funds necessary to cover all costs so that the camp is completely free to families.  The Summer STEAM experience has been executed for the first time at Neabsco Elementary School. To learn more about the camp event at Neabsco Elementary School and its respective curriculum, please visit our News and Events page. If you would like to host a camp at your school  or in your community, let us know!

  Workshops Programs 

Curriculum Offerings

These are some of our current curriculum offerings for workshops. If your school, community, or or organization would like to host a workshop(s), let us know!

Math Enrichment 

This is a great opportunity for students of all ages to get help on their math and problem solving techniques or learn about more advanced mathematical topics.

Science Experiments

Hands-on activities are an educational way for students to experience the fascinating laws of science. Activities

include conducting chemical reactions and carrying out dissections.

Beginner Coding Lessons

This is our basic coding course that introduces students to a programming language and teaches them how technologies today use code to work.

Engineering Design

This program aims to teach students how to use the process of engineering design to construct robots, towers, buildings, etc. This also emphasizes trial and error.

The Creative Artistic Mind

This program develops a student's artistic side and examines how real world problems can be tackled with the STEAM. Activities can include musical programming and the chemistry behind cooking.


Host A Workshop At Your School


Email One World with a proposal for a workshop(s) at your school/location along with the benefits that this will serve in your community. In addition, please provide as much logistical information as possible.


We will get back to you and let you know if the program is feasible at that time given other commitments.


We bring our team to your location on reserved dates and work with students on desired curriculum offering(s).


Technology Access In India

One World has realized that while issues are present locally, issues also preside globally. Some of the One World's board members recently visited an underprivileged all girls school in Chennai, India. We were shocked to see that the students had no access to technology. Our goal is to provide them with laptops, smart boards, and projection systems, but we need your help to fund this initiative! 


One World is a nonprofit that aims to inspire students and people of all ages and ethnicities to pursue STEAM related careers in the future. Our team specializes in creating resources and running camps and workshops in the Northern Virginia area. We also periodically conduct fundraisers to provide technological resources to schools with limited funding.


One World is  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 83-2208155). All donations are tax-deductible. We depend on  sponsors and individual donors to fund our initiative. Thank you for considering donating to One World. We truly appreciate it!

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