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Mentors and Leaders

The organizations, mentors, and community leaders on this web-page are what have enabled One World to achieve its mission. See some of the influential companies and people below who provided invaluable guidance and support.

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Help Us Grow

The One World board comes up with new ideas for conferences, camps, seminars, and workshops every day. We work with local schools and churches to increase STEAM awareness and help bring in a vast array of opportunities. We also continuously fund-raise to provide technology resources for students locally and globally. If you work at local school or would like us to come and implement activities in your community, let us know. We want to hear from you! 

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Corporate Supporters

Organizations Empowering and Supporting STEAM

These organizations all share a common sentiment: all support the mission and vision of One World. It is because of these intelligent organizations that we have been able to accomplish our goals so far. The expertise and support that has been provided has been invaluable in our efforts to promote STEAM learning to students and their communities. We sincerely thank our supporters, community leaders, sponsors, and partners.

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