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Service Through STEAM

Since the start of 2018, One World has been a trailblazer in bridging the achievement gap in STEAM education. We believe we have a moral and scientific obligation to introduce the infinite aspects of STEAM to all people living within this planet. Furthermore, we hope to inspire youth to pursue STEAM related future careers, through exposure and immersion from a young age. It is imperative that all citizens of the global community have access to the innovative and enriching opportunities that STEAM has to offer.


OW STEAM Summit 2024 - New Haven, CT

Empowering the next generation of STEAM professionals, leaders, and innovators

The One World STEAM Summit aims to educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists, and more. From researchers to other STEAM trailblazers, this summit provides a unique opportunity for students to meet and learn from leaders in STEAM fields and institutions across the country through workshops and panel discussions. Stay tuned for more information over the coming months! 

What We Do

Teach, Engage, Inspire

Global Empowerment

STEAM education is a right! One World has realized that education inequity permeates every community across the world. And, so, we have always worked towards increasing STEAM accessibility for international populations.  

Curriculum &  Workshop Offerings

For students with a true passion for STEAM, One World tries to partner with educational institutes, such as school systems and community centers, to offer enrichment programs and sample curriculums. If your institution is interested in having One World come to you, please reach out! 


STEAM Summit

In 2021, One World hosted its first virtual STEAM summit for over 150 students participating from various states and countries. We hope to grow this initiative with your support and eventually offer this experience in-person with a higher capacity.

OW Ambassadors

Here at One World, we believe students are each other's best support system and mentors. As we continue to expand our initiatives, we will need students, perhaps with more experience in STEAM, to mentor those coming from a more disadvantaged background.

Join Our Newsletter

We are excited to present our monthly newsletter! Each newsletter will include the latest news on youth education and any inequities that are worth knowing about on the global level. Additionally, any upcoming events as well as projects and donation streams will be included. By subscribing, you are taking the first step in bridging the achievement gap and ensuring that education is accessible to all students, no matter the background.

Together We Make An Impact

After putting together numerous events and programs, One World has made tremendous strides in making families and students feel confident in their abilities and optimistic about the future of STEAM education. 


OW has conducted summer camps and summits and participated in conferences in the DC metropolitan area that have enriched students with STEAM problem-solving skills. 


During the pandemic, One World created a tutoring program for students struggling with academics. In addition, we pioneered an advising series where students could virtually meet with and learn from STEAM professionals.

Uplifting Communities

OW has worked with global communities by supplying technology and academic resources. Our most notable project is in Chennai, India, where we have transitioned classrooms to SMART boards and computers. One World has also worked with students in rural Ecuador and Morocco.

Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 3.15.47 AM.png

One World gave our students a passion for STEAM

"I cannot tell you how touched I was that our students had this opportunity [One World STEAM Summer Camp] this summer and that they had a chance to be mentored by the One World team!  I'm sure you've planted seeds for the future for so many of them to think of STEAM careers and activities in the years to come!"

Christopher Tsang

Principal, Neabsco Elementary School

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope

From shyness to self-confidence

"I was a participant in the 2021 STEAM Summer camp in collaboration with HEAL. I never knew about environmental science before this experience, and this camp has made me more confident in thinking about future careers in STEAM. I also view the counselors as life-long mentors that I can always reach out to for advice and guidance."

STEAM Summer Camp 

Student, Neabsco Elementary School

OW brought the resources we need

"I am the main supervisor of the school in India that has partnered with OW over the past few years. They have transformed our school with technology resources including SMART classrooms and more laptops. The work OW is doing with us has and will continue to make a significant impact on our students' educational careers."

Fuaad Musvee

Head Supervisor, Chennai, India School

STEAM Education

STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) solely focuses on scientific concepts. STEAM investigates the same concepts, but does so through inquiry and problem-based learning methods and incorporates the Arts. STEAM education provides students with the opportunity to learn creatively and the skills attained from STEAM learning  are imperative for growing an innovative and intellectual workforce. Educators and scientists like math rockstar Eddie Woo, artist/engineer Stephen Mushin, and  bio-engineer Melissa Tate illustrate  how STEM plus the arts work with extraordinary synergy.


Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 2.55.35 AM.png

Corporate Supporters

These organizations all share a common sentiment: all support the mission and vision of One World. It is becuase of these intelligent organizations that we have been able to accomplish our goals so far. The expertise and support that has been provided has been invaluable in our efforts to promote STEAM learning to students and their communities. We sincerely thank our supporters, community leaders, sponsors, and partners.


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Person at computer.png
—Pngtree—mathematics teacher illustratio

Support Our Mission

Your support will help us make STEAM education accessible to all students, regardless of caste, gender, race,  socioeconomic status.

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