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            One World is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is led by a coalition of  determined individuals with the common goal of uniting and empowering people through the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) on a global basisToday, our world is becoming increasingly polarized and disparate in terms of the quality of education and resources to assist with investigative and creative learning. Low-income communities struggle with providing basic essentials to their families and do not have the resources  to invest in increasing their students' exposure to STEAM. Through local summer camps,  seminars, and conferences, we hope to inform students that they have the potential to be creative innovators, problem solvers, and researchers who can make an impact on the world.


TEACH students of various backgrounds and further their knowledge and understanding of STEAM in different educational settings.

ENGAGE youth by providing exposure to various domains and applications of STEAM.

INSPIRE youth around the globe to seek opportunities and careers in STEAM.

We envision a future where students of all ages and ethnicities collaborate to solve some of the world's greatest problems. We hope to empower students to take the initiative and spread their passion for STEAM to other members in their community.


Our Virtual World

One World STEAM Summit 2021!

One World is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first annual STEAM summit on May 22nd, 2021! We will have distinguished speakers, giveaways, and more. Click below to register! 

STEAM Education

 STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) solely focuses on scientific concepts. STEAM investigates the same concepts, but does so through inquiry and problem-based learning methods and incorporates the Arts. STEAM education provides students with the opportunity to learn creatively and the skills attained from STEAM learning  are imperative for growing an innovative and intellectual workforce. Educators and scientists like math rockstar Eddie Woo, artist/engineer Stephen Mushin, and  bio-engineer Melissa Knothe Tate ilustrate  how STEM plus the arts work with extraordinary synergy.


Upcoming Events and Projects

Exciting Events Are In The Works

One World hopes to make a calendar in the near future displaying future events, projects, fundraisers, and workshop nights. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding specific event dates and details, feel free to contact us. Thank you for your patience!

Changing Communities

Our Impact

One World strives to develop programs and curricular resources such as summer camps for students living in low-income areas. Our current focus has been to transform the educational careers of students living in title 1 schools in Prince William County, VA. However, we hope to soon expand our mission to other schools in the Northern Virginia and the DC Metropolitan area. Eventually, we hope to appoint student ambassadors in other states to serve their community with STEAM as well. In addition, our organization aims to impact schools and communities in other parts of the world. Currently, we are working with a girls school in a severely impoverished area in Chennai, India to provide various forms of technology. One World will continue its efforts, and we would love your help!

One World gave our students a passion for STEAM

"I cannot tell you how touched I was that our students had this opportunity [One World STEAM Summer Camp] this summer and that they had a chance to be mentored by the One World team!  I'm sure you've planted seeds for the future for so many of them to think of STEAM careers and activities in the years to come!"

 - Christopher Tsang, Principal, Neabsco Elementary School

Get Involved

Change Your Community

If you believe in helping others achieve success in STEAM, we would love to have you on our team. One World is always looking for volunteers and mentors who can share our passion for STEAM with the community.


Mentorship helps students find a career path and connect with the right people and resources to support their goals and passion. We are always looking for experienced men and women who work in STEAM related fields. If you are interested in extending your passion to students and the community, we need you!


Are you a student interested in  using your passion for STEAM for the betterment of others?  At all of our events, camps, and other activities, we are always short of helping hands. Volunteers come from all age groups and we hope to build a coalition where students help students thrive !


One World is continuously in need for donations from people like you who want transform the identity of the STEAM industry.  Your donation will go towards funding our activities, camps, conferences, etc.  Every contribution helps us accomplish our mission and see our vision come true!


Latest News & Projects

Find out whats happening with One World's latest projects    and how we are impacting the local and global community.


The One World STEAM

Camp was a Success!

July 26, 2019 | One World

One World recently held an immersive STEAM Summer camp at a title 1 school named Neabsco Elementary. This summer program for 25 students was an excellent and fun experience that combined all aspects of STEAM. Every day was jam packed with activities and team exercises. 

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One World Is In The Process of Providing Forms of Technology To An Underprivileged School in India

June 12, 2019 | One World

Deep within the slums of Chennai, India, presides an all girls school. A few of the board members from the One World Team visited the school a few months ago and realized that the school had absolutely no access to technology. One World is continuously fundraising to provide laptops, software, smartboards, and a projection system for the school. 

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One World Is Planning Online Enrichment Amidst COVID-19 Along With A New International Project

May 14, 2020 | One World

This summer, due to the unexpectedness of the COVID virus, One World is planning to initiate a new program for K-12 students that will serve as a source of enrichment, tutoring, and preparation for the upcoming school year.

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A Word From One World

This video provides more insight on how the concept of One World really came to be. Our journeys through STEAM truly impacted the creation of this steadfast organization. Some of our greatest initatives are also highlighted!

Chalkboard Drawings


Help Us Grow

The One World board comes up with new ideas for conferences, camps, seminars, and workshops every day. We work with local schools and churches to increase STEAM awareness and help bring in a vast array of opportunities. We also continuously fund-raise to provide technology resources for students locally and globally. If you work at local school or would like us to come and implement activities in your community, let us know. We want to hear from you! 



Corporate Supporters

Organizations Empowering And Supporting STEAM

These organizations all share a common sentiment: all support the mission and vision of One World. It is becuase of these intelligent organizations that we have been able to accomplish our goals so far. The expertise and support that has been provided has been invaluable in our efforts to promote STEAM learning to students and their communities. We sincerely thank our supporters, community leaders, sponsors, and partners.



One World 

Where We Stand 

          All of us in One World are attentively watching the protests in our country and individually advocating for justice. We are outraged at the murder of yet another Black person by police, and as an organization of diverse students, we recognize that we must speak up. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." We share Martin Luther King Jr.’s saying and we will not be silent during this time. One World fully supports every peaceful individual who is on the front lines fighting for justice from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles. Our organization was founded because we strive to promote equality in S.T.E.A.M. education for students regardless of color. As young people, it is our duty to forge a better world than the generations before us.

        One World is committed to treating everyone equally regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other identifying characteristics. As an organization, One World does not condone racism in any form and we’ve already committed to helping students in our community and around the world regardless of their background. We strongly believe not only in the condemnation of racism, but also in our moral obligation to be actively anti-racist and just towards everyone. 

        Words are incredible tools, but activism is the key to implementing widespread systemic change. Therefore, One World will be to donating funds to the Black Lives Matter movement in order to further our support for the Black and African American community, in addition to cultivating partnerships with various corporations in order to increase our donation’s impact. One World was founded on the pillar of equity, and we will continue to work to promote the eradication of systemic racism and advocate for unity and diversity throughout our community and our nation. To the entire Black and African American community, we see you, we hear you, and we stand with you always.

BLM Statement
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