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Recruiting Tomorrow's Leaders

The OW Ambassadors Program was founded on the desire to not only bring opportunities to students, but also enlist the help of students to bring opportunities to their peers. Our ultimate vision is to mentor students to the point where they can go on to change the experiences of students in their community who, like they once were, are new to STEAM. OW Ambassadors, after acceptance, will receive a variety of benefits, including access to a broad educational network and potential scholarships.



Be enrolled in a 4-year university/a rising junior or senior in high-school. No limitation to being within the United States - global ambassadors are encouraged!

Possess an innate desire to use STEAM to uplift under-resourced communities 

Identify as an underrepresented background in the STEAM career force (Learn More)

Change the

One World believes that to make a difference in the educational lives of students, we must connect with the community - parents, teachers, etc. Ambassadors will organize information sessions with schools and communities, that are familiar to them, in order to emphasize the importance of STEAM education early on. 

Mentor Future Innovators

Ambassadors will take the role of teaching and carrying out our STEAM workshops/curriculums to communities lacking educational enrichment.

Strengthen the Network

We have partnered and served many low-income communities in the past. The goal of the ambassador program is to also maintain the relationships between students that are formed well beyond the mentorship phase. Firming the bonds early will help students later in their STEAM life.

Benefits of the Program

Connections to STEAM Companies and Professionals

Connect with some of One World's advisers and experts that hail from partnering and sponsoring companies.

Leadership and Communication Skills

Through curriculum-building and mentoring-heavy activities, OW Ambassadors will learn how to lead and communicate in their communities.

Future Scholarship Opportunities

OW leaders will help students locate, apply, and earn scholarships that will support their educational journeys to come.

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