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Who We Are

Come see what motivates us and meet the team that works to educate and empower students from all backgrounds across the world. 



What We Stand For

Teach, Engage, Inspire

Today, our world is becoming increasingly polarized and disparate in terms of the quality of education and resources to assist with investigative and creative learning. We are a coalition of  determined individuals with the common goal of uniting and empowering people through the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) on a global basis. 



Teaching and enriching students about STEAM is at the core of our mission. We hope further their and their parents' knowledge and understanding of STEAM in different educational settings. 



We engage youth by providing exposure to various domains and applications of STEAM. We also collaborate with schools and parents to create a better understanding of an educational journey that can lead to a successful STEAM career.



We hope to inspire youth around the globe to seek opportunities and careers in STEAM. One World seeks to ignite the passion for STEAM in students who may view the field as difficult or intimidating. 


Global Leadership

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Shan Lateef

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Shan Lateef, a native of Manassas, Virginia, is a current student and neuroscience researcher at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Shan was inspired to create One World due to his passion for scientific innovation, public health, and community engagement, and he inspired several like-minded peers to join this impactful undertaking. Shan fully recognized the power of STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts, and Math) opportunities to uplift underprivileged communities, locally and around the world. 


Shan is a published neuroscientist and current Hahn fellow at Yale; he seeks to further our knowledge of brain injury mechanisms and translate these discoveries into improved brain health for all. He serves as South Asian Youth Initiative Chair (SAYI) for Yale’s South Asian Society and as an Associate Editor for the Yale Undergraduate Research Journal (YURJ). Shan also enjoys the lively engagement with his school’s Bollywood dance team and cooks for the Y-Pop culinary club. 

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Sofia Quint

Chief Opportunity Officer (COO)

Sofia Quint-Gutierrez is a second-year at the University of Virginia (UVA) hoping to major in Anthropology, and Public Policy with a minor in Latin-American Studies. In the future, Sofia plans to go to law school to study immigration or education law and make a change for Latinx students nationwide. She is a bilingual first-generation Latin-American who has been a part of One World for 4 years now. Sofia is a member of UVA’s Coalition Of Latin American Students (COLA), UVA’s Latinx Leadership Institute, and is a mentor for new Latinx students with the Peer Mentoring Program. Outside of these organizations, Sofia spends her time working as an ambassador for UVA’s Outreach in Student Admissions Committee and as an ESOL tutor with the Women’s Center. 


Sofia is an avid researcher and is soon going to publish a paper she wrote titled “The Education of Indigenous Women in Bolivia: A Brief Summary of the History, Pedagogy, and Femininity in the Bolivian Education System” She enjoys reading, dancing, and having long conversations about the world and its mysteries. She is currently serving as One World’s Chief Opportunity Officer (COO) and is excited to see what One World can do as it grows. Her personal goal is to be an example for Latina women in the United States.

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Leena Sherdil

Chief Equity Officer

Leena Sherdil is a sophomore attending George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. She is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and envisions a career in this particular field. Leena grew up in Northern Virginia and has always been in a multicultural and diverse environment that fosters helping the community. Because of this, she has always been involved in STEAM related projects while serving her community. Through One World and on a personal basis, Leena has led and participated in various projects since High School and continues to do so while attending George Mason University. Service and helping disadvantaged communities are Leena’s passions and are a part of her core values as she deeply enjoys giving people new opportunities. Leena wishes to make an impact on communities nationally and internationally and hopes to be able to touch people on a personal level. 


In addition to this, Leena is fluent in English, Arabic and French. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures and spending time with friends and family. Above all, Leena wishes to keep giving back to her community through service, especially to the disadvantaged community while providing them with STEAM opportunities and making a positive impact for people from all around the world. 

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Zahra Nasir

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Zahra Nasir is a sophomore at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. She is interested in pursuing development economics with an emphasis on South Asian countries. Her work encompasses improving the fiscal conditions of developing countries as well as addressing social issues like access to education.


Zahra was attracted to One World because of her passion for addressing education equity issues both domestically and internationally. Zahra has been involved in other organizations centered around economic justice and hopes to bring her experience to One World. She also has extensive research-based and volunteering experience in developing countries and America’s inner cities. Zahra’s main priority is employing various financial strategies to increase One World’s funding and drive growth. Zahra hopes to help One World continue expanding and broaden its outreach. 


Zahra is also involved in research at Yale where she finds ways to incorporate computational methods such as modeling, data mining, and other statistical analyses into economics and social research. In her free time, Zahra enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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Maanasi Nair

Chief Health Officer (CHO)

Maanasi Nair is a sophomore at Yale University, Connecticut, majoring in Neuroscience and also pursuing a Global Health certificate. She aspires to continue her education in medical school and pursue a career in healthcare. She lives with her parents in Bangalore, India where she has been residing for 10 years after moving from California. Maanasi was inspired by One World’s mission to bring STEAM education to students from all backgrounds and wanted to explore the overlap of such fields of education with health. She hopes to expand the impact of One World by creating new projects both to improve visibility into the future of working in healthcare using opportunities and knowledge gained through STEAM and to improve student’s understanding of their own health through such education. 


Outside of academics, Maanasi is involved with research, having published about integrative therapy for cancer in student journals. She is very passionate about dance with 15 years of formal training and certification up to Senior level in Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance form. 


At Yale, Maanasi conducts research investigating epileptogenesis in mice, and also works as a Crisis Text Line Volunteer. She is Vice Captain of the Yale Rangeela dance team and also choreographs and performs for Yale Kalaa, the classical dance team.

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Jamal Baig

Head of Global Inclusion

Jamal Baig is a second-year student at Columbia University in New York, NY, studying Sustainable Development and Economics. He is passionate about social justice, urban planning, and nature conservation. Originally from Northern Virginia, Jamal also enjoys hiking, cooking, and traveling. 

Jamal is particularly interested in agricultural technology—as a student in the Sustainable Development program, he aspires to learn how to modernize harvests around the world, make yields more efficient, and support urban agriculture initiatives such as vertical farming. Jamal believes as the effects of climate change worse, such changes are not only beneficial but will soon become necessary to feed the globe. In addition, he also enjoys learning about South Asian history and the legacy of colonialism in the subcontinent. 


At Columbia University, Jamal is an Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer for the Columbia Spectator and is the Vice President in the Organization of Pakistani Students (OPS), and is also active in the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and Columbia Culinary Society (CCS). Jamal is excited to join the One World team as the Head of Global Inclusion in order to help work towards solving the massive education disparities present worldwide

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Chloe Pressely

Social Media Strategist

Chloe Pressley is a 3rd-Year at Yale University in New Haven, CT and she resides in Woodbridge, VA with her parents and older brother.


Chloe was motivated to join One World’s mission because of her interests in inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, and medicine. Access to these subjects and STEAM related areas was limited at Chloe’s secondary school. Many of the school’s shortcomings were on account of racial and economic disparities. This fueled her to nationally advocate for more equity in public schools with the United States. Although worthwhile, Chloe did not want any other students to have to fight for an adequate education. Thus, she was drawn to One World.


Chloe is a featured education activist in the Washington Post, PBS Newshour, and Forbes. In 2019, she co-founded the Black Student Union at Hylton Senior High School in Woodbridge, VA. In 2020, she founded the Prince William County Black Student Coalition. She is serving as the current co-Social Events Chair for the Black Student Alliance at Yale. Additionally, she is an undergraduate researcher in the Mayer Chemistry Lab at Yale University.


Her main priority through involvement with One World is to increase access to education resources for those typically underrepresented in STEAM.

Take Action


The One World board comes up with new ideas for conferences, camps, seminars, and workshop every day. We work with local schools and churches to increase STEAM awareness and help bring in a vast array of opportunities. We also continuously fund-raise to provide technology resources for students locally and globally. If you work at local school or would like us to come and implement activities in your community, let us know. We want to hear from you! 



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