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Ongoing Programs


From summer camps to our annual STEAM Summit, One World is working on new programs every day. We are also increasing the number of schools that partner with us both in the US and abroad. During the pandemic, we created virtual platforms for students to continue enrichment and mentorship with us, and we hope to continue these in the future. Come take at a look at what we have done and what we offer!


Workshops & Curriculum Offerings

Programming & Technology

One World is currently building up its repertoire of volunteers who are skilled in programming languages and computer science. If you are a school or institution that is interested in hosting a workshop on basic programming or monthly coding classes, we are here for you!

Artistic Innovation

The arts are central in STEAM and are connected to all of the other facets. The arts are also very underappreciated, so we have set aside an entire offering that focuses on various disciplines within the broader arts field (culinary, web-design, arts & engineering). 

Research Expeditions

Understanding how to go through the experimental method and present your findings to an audience is vital to any career. One World is equipped with experienced students who have conducted research before. If you would like to start a research mentorship or science fair program at your school, work with us! 

Math Advancement 

Maintaining a solid foundation in Math is important throughout middle-school as this sets you up for classes in high-school and ultimately the standardized tests that play a large role in college admissions. Hence, we created programs and bootcamps for students interested in refining certain skills and/or getting ahead.

How Do I Host?


Create a proposal of what kind of projects and/or curriculum you would like for your students. Include any relevant details regarding logistics and how many students you would like to include. 

Send us your proposal by email


Begin planning with us!



1-on-1 Mentorship

For Students

One World has come to realize the value of mentors in one's educational career. Teachers, counselors, and mentors make all of the difference when it comes to the success of a student. To counseling students on coursework to the college-admissions process to potential career pathways, every student needs a mentor! Email us using the link below! 

For Mentors

To be eligible to be a mentor, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. At a minimum, you must have graduated high-school and be a current college student. Degree-holders and STEAM professionals are highly encouraged to enroll with us. 

  2. Must come from an underrepresented group in the STEAM environment.

  3. Be able to commit 2-3 hours a month to virtual sessions.

Previous Work



STEAM Summer Camp 

During the Summer of 2019, One World partnered with Neabsco Elementary, a Title I school in Prince William County, to boldly deliver a S.T.E.A.M.  enrichment camp to 27 students. Campers were immersed in hands-on activities and projects that build interest, knowledge, and  technical skills that they could take with them into the classroom and beyond. They spent each day of the five-day camp devoted to a single aspect of STEAM ultimately weaving them all together to create a capstone project conceived and built entirely by the students. The camp was led Ms. Taryn Harrington a teacher in Prince William County Schools.



Math in Ecuador

One World collaborated with with Teachers2Teachers Global, an international organization whose mission "is to build quality math education programs through collaborative partnerships that drive greater social justice."  With them, we helped expand funding and resources for math enrichment programs for girls in rural Ecuador.



Technology in India 

We transitioned over 80% of the classrooms in an Indian school to a technologically-advanced learning environment. Students now have access to laptops, software, smart-boards, and projection systems for the school. 


OW Summit 

One World held its first virtual summit in the Spring of 2020 for over 150 students virtually. The summit was comprised of workshops and keynote speaking events where students had the chance to learn from and ask questions to distinguished speakers in the STEAM field.


Fall Speaker Series

To further introduce students to STEAM careers, One World organized biweekly mentoring sessions, over zoom, with STEAM experts that focused on specific themes: Psychology, Medicine, Arts, and Technology. 



HEAL Summer Camp

One World partnered with Health Environments Advance Life (HEAL) to out together a week-long summer camp at Neabsco Elementary School in Prince William County, VA. The curriculum focused on introducing students to environmental science and sustainability. More information can be found here.

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Diaper Bank Donations

We partnered with MATCH UP and Health Baby to donate an excess amount of diapers to charities and other nonprofit organizations in both Virginia communities as well as regions of Ghana. This was One World's first collective movement with other groups!

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