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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

– Helen Keller

Every day, One World discusses new ideas for camps, workshops, and seminars. Our team tirelessly works to create STEAM curricular resources for schools and communities. However, we need your help! One World needs a coalition of dedicated volunteers, mentors, and leaders to fulfill our mission.



Be The Change

Do you love participating in community service activities or want to spread your passion for STEAM? Find out ways you can help us achieve our mission!



Opportunities To Help One World

These are some of the ways you can support One World.

Any contributions will be greatly appreciated!


Being a volunteer means providing any contribution of time to help us with workshops, logistics, and activity planning.  Contact us if you want to help out! 


We always are on the look out for organizations that want to contribute money,  products, and/or advice to benefit our cause. Contact us if you would like to partner!

Host An Event

Do you work at a school or in a community that would benefit from some of the activities we participate in? Contact us of you would like to organize and event!


One World is always fundraising to execute conferences, camps, and more. Any contribution matters. Visit our donate page of you would like to help us achieve our mission!


One World loves to host conferences, but we always hope to invite speakers and mentors that will encourage all students to pursue careers in STEAM. Contact us if you would like to speak or mentor with us!

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