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Join Our Initiative

Every day, One World discusses new ideas for camps, workshops, and seminars. Our team tirelessly works to create STEAM curricular resources for schools and communities. However, we need your help! One World needs a coalition of dedicated volunteers, mentors, and leaders to fulfill our mission.

There are two main ways to help out One World:

  • National Team: As we are growing fast, we are finding the need for more and more positions to handle niche areas of our organization. Underneath, there are two types of applications: Volunteer & Director-Level. Applications will open up soon, so please email us or apply here if interested.

  • Senior Support: One World is very proud that it is entirely student-run. However, we do recognize the need to partner with STEAM professionals and companies more established than us in order to make a large impact on communities. Hence, besides becoming a sponsor, One World also is accepting interest for advisers for potential mentorship program.

Support Pathways 


We always are on the look out for organizations that want to contribute money,  products, and/or advice to benefit our cause. Contact us if you would like to partner!


One World is always fundraising to execute conferences, camps, and more. Any contribution matters. Visit our donate page of you would like to help us achieve our mission!


One World loves to host conferences, but we always hope to invite speakers and mentors that will encourage all students to pursue careers in STEAM. Contact us if you would like to speak or mentor with us!

Join Our Newsletter

We are excited to present our monthly newsletter! Each newsletter will include the latest news on youth education and any inequities that are worth knowing about on the global level. Additionally, any upcoming events as well as projects and donation streams will be included. By subscribing, you are taking the first step in bridging the achievement gap and ensuring that education is accessible to all students, no matter the background.

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